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pics [Jul. 27th, 2008|08:47 am]
Rip Slyme


Just some pics I found.  Enjoy! :)

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This is the start for ROLLING!! [Jul. 16th, 2008|05:58 pm]
Rip Slyme

[music |RIP SLYME - 太陽とビキニ]

Gosh the community has been quiet! I remember when it was so active about 3 or 4 years ago haha. Well, I'm just dropping in to let you guys know that the guys are about to release a new single! It's been awhile since their last. It's 太陽とビキニ (sunshine & bikini). I kind of think of a beach boys theme when I listen to this song lol The video is cute too, revisiting the use of choreography. :)

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hi! [May. 3rd, 2008|09:17 am]
Rip Slyme

[mood |calmcalm]

Hi! I'm new to this community, so I thought I should post some Rip Slyme pics! :) 





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What happened with the RS Forum?? [Nov. 22nd, 2007|12:43 am]
Rip Slyme

Does anyone know what happened with the RIP Slyme unnoficial forum - www.ripslyme.jconserv.net ??
I just can't see it a long time ago (one week)...

I'm very sad... because that forum is soh great! Very complete!!

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I BRING GIFTS FOR MAH FIRST POST!! [Oct. 30th, 2007|05:18 pm]
Rip Slyme
First gift. I uploaded the SPEED KING PV to Veoh for higher quailty. You can find that here

Also, I have the PV rip of SPEED KING up for download for SEVEN DAYS ONLY! After the seven days, the link will be invaild. Please keep the mp3 for 24 hours only and support RIP SLYME by buying the single or the album when it comes out.


I'll be back later with some RIP SLYME ringtones for cell phones.
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I'm sure you guys already know, but... [Oct. 25th, 2007|10:45 pm]
Rip Slyme

The new album is called [FUN FAIR] and will be released on 11/28!

01. Introduction
02. NP
03. Bubble Trouble
04. SPEED KING ( McDonald's / Wrap SLYMEキャンペーン・ソング )
05. Tales ( 東京メトロ CMソング )
06. 残念ボーイ
07. Concourse1
09. Fa-a-ar
11. Concourse2
12. Remember
13. 熱帯夜 ( COKE+iTUNES CMソング )
14. StroboX
15. 流れの中で

The new single is called [SPEED KING] and you can hear it here and at their newly revamped website. Looks pretty awesome.

I'm so excited for the new album and I think the single is great. RIP SLYME never disappoints.

There's a music video! Watch it here on youtube. I'm loving the whole skeleton theme they got going on.
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RS Live Earth [Jul. 16th, 2007|08:46 pm]
Rip Slyme

Does anyone know what Rip Slyme performed for Live Earth? ...and is it viewable anywhere around this world wide web??

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『熱帯夜』 Song + PV download. [Jul. 15th, 2007|05:26 am]
Rip Slyme

I have been listening to this song on repeat for about 3 days now. I seriously can't get enough of it.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Also, today is Ryo-Z's 33rd birthday!
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rip slyme smooth online videos [Jul. 14th, 2007|07:21 pm]
Rip Slyme

OK - maybe I'm late to this technology but, I just downloaded a DIVX web plugin which enables you to watch some high def video - very smooth and NOT like youtube at all. So, this one site supplying a lot of the DIVX content has a great library of Rip Slyme videos including almost 53 minutes of the Christmas Classics concert http://stage6.divx.com/ ...VERY COOL. I think the plugin may be windows only right now. When you go to the site and try to watch a vid, it will probably prompt you to download the plugin if you don't already have it and you should be set. Just do a search for Rip Slyme and you'll be ready to go. Some of the TV performances like 'Blow' look almost TV clear. Enjoy!

p.s. Lots of content on the site so - check for other favorite actors, music, movies, etc.
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NETTAIYA on Youtube [Jul. 10th, 2007|09:44 pm]
Rip Slyme

Just putting it out there in case anyone was unaware. The video for Nettaiya is up on Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AexHwz-4RZ8

RS music always seems to be instantly like-able to me. I love the new groove. The guys look sharp in their suits and look like they're having fun. The choreography looks a little silly but still fun. I like the freestyle dancing they do in the video more than the choreography and I'm digging Pes' black nail polish. Not fluent in Japanese, I can only assume that the song is about a girl because of all the booty in the video.

Check it out - enjoy.

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