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RIP LOCKS! Goodies Part 1 - ||:galaxy in the groove:|| [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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RIP LOCKS! Goodies Part 1 [Jul. 29th, 2008|06:41 pm]
Rip Slyme


[music |RIP SLYME & Quruli - lovi]

hihi me again as you all know rs5 has their own radio show called RIP LOCKS! that airs every Monday evening (except this week lol) hosted by our dear ryo-z. During the show, a photographer usually takes several pictures and they get posted on the website. Some of them are cute candids, so I decided to post some favorites I thought you might all enjoy. :D starting with most recent to oldest. Since I saved 170 images (rofl yeap) I figured to share the first (and newest) half today and then the second half tomorrow. enjoy!

yep, he recently had his birthday! these photos are from the segment that aired on 7/21/08.

"taiyou to bikini" & "SPLASH"

su & ryo-z being wacky. and pes looks like he's wearing aluminum foil lmao

more foiled-pes, being cute


wearing his hat on top on his headphones. oh, okay. :)


ok someone significant is in the background (according to the site) but I can't figure out who it is!! the same pic is at the end of the summary page but couch guy has a red circle around him with "!!"

they're awesome. :D

some book

pes's pants!

is it? I don't think so!

at peace.

THEN BOOM! HAHAHAHA. um. that's ilmari monstered up and ryo-z...being ryo-z. lolol



BLAST OFF!! Anddd fumiratchi wearing an OPTIMYSTIK hoodie.

ok, NOW he's wearing foil.



look closer

"I know we're both married, but this is for you ♥"

whoa pes.

hatless :)


the hair! aw.

hello! is it us you're looking for?


scruffy fumiya is still wanted at any old party

haha pes is wearing the same hoodie fumiya has! I wonder if he designed that?

su & wise & ryo-z

what's up~how're you doin'?

wrap slyme

hi there


again, awesome.

plant manager is happy

mellow yellowwwww

su happy

real party boy

so it wasn't a dream?


I know, it's late.




put that down :(


pes is adorable

listening, hatless!

I have no idea why those guys wanted to stay anonymous but whatever, let's just all take a second to look at 3 of our favorite boys together :)

it's like that thing that conan o'brien and jim carrey did rofl


buy this!

excuse u I'm working


dancing, wonderful.


fumiya we're so glad you're not in the hospital anymore lmfao

p.e.s.s.y and ryo-z

navy, nike


yeah we already saw that you can play piano from the nettaiya vid...OH YEAH AND YOU WRITE THE MUSIC.

you see, ryo-z is also adorable. why does he think he's the least liked?!

su and his stethoscope...you'll see.

what is he doing?

look, you look good with hats but you should give the hatless look a chance, especially since you dye your hair every week!


I have no idea if that's a cigar or his ring but he looks good

the usual

lmao I remember that picture he's holding up

lol fumiya

cozied up

btw the new single comes out tomorrow...or today, however you put it.

[User Picture]From: asakasoring
2008-07-30 01:14 am (UTC)
Wow great pics!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: thenylonkid
2008-07-30 04:58 am (UTC)
thanks for sharing! ^^
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: shady0ne
2008-07-30 05:26 am (UTC)
lol, lovely pics, thanks for sharing!!!
(Reply) (Thread)